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CNC Routing

With our CNC Router, the highest degree of accuracy (to within +/-0.1mm) can be obtained when cutting. We are capable of cutting up to 3500mm x 2500mm size sheets and specialise in Perspex® acrylic, pvc, wood and aluminum.

We provide a CNC routing service dedicated to your specific requirements that is second to none. We can perform functions such as complex outer patterns, 3D Engraving, multi level engraving and machining.

At Any Size Any shape, we shape and profile Perspex® acrylic for some of the country's biggest names. As leaders in computerised cutting and CNC routing, we have plenty of experience serving the Australian market. You will find our standards are extremely high, our pricing is amongst the most competitive you will find and our flexibility is unrivalled.

CNC Routing Photos
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CNC Router
CNC Routed sign 1

Products Include:

signs, lettering, foyer signs and more

CNC Routed sign 2
CNC Routed letters and numbers
CNC Routed sign 1b
CNC Router 2
CNC Routing in progress
CNC Routed sign 3
CNC Routed sign 4
CNC Routed letters and numbers 2
CNC Routed letters
CNC Routed letters 2
three different letter E's
Number 4 and 3
christmas tree 1
Clear letter M
The letter A