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Laser Cutting

We can laser cut acrylic from 1mm thick up to a massive 50mm thick. We are also capable of cutting MDF, rubber, foam and various other plastics. Our CNC laser cutting machine has a bed to suit 2440mm x 1220mm sheets.

The laser gives a finished edge eliminating the process of flame or mechanical polishing. Accurate to 0.02mm allowing intricate shapes to be cut with a reduced risk of surface damage.

CNC Routing Photos
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laser cutting

Products Include:

signs, lettering, foyer signs, displays and more

laser cutting
DMA- Laser Cut display
laser cutting
Laser Cutting Machine
NSW Lotteries- Laser Cut display
Hi End - Laser Cut display
Oxford- Laser Cut display
Barry Collins- Laser Cut display
Speedway- Laser Cut display
laser cutting
Shire Podiatry - Laser Cut display
Botany Cranes - Laser Cut display
Laser Cutting Display
Eckersleys - Laser Cut display